Safer Walking GPS Location Device


AVAILABLE MARCH 19! Ravencourt’s safer walking technology is available through a very user friendly mobile app available to download from APP store and Google play store.

You may recognise the hardware but the software has been re-engineered specifically for people living with Dementia and their carers.

Easy set up. Just add your trackers phone number and ID number (provided) and you will see the location live on a map in your app.

Make a voice call to the device through the app.

Set multiple ‘places’ and get an alert when the device enters and exits. eg, ‘Gene has left home’ , ‘Derek has entered the community centre’

The SOS button provides a notification that cannot be ignored. We all routinely ignore phone calls when we are busy so we have developed a custom SOS sound.

View history to see where your device has been on a map at specific times.


  • Water resistant
  • Roaming SIM included
  • Two way voice calling
  • £14.99 per month includes all sim activity and app usage.

RRP £119.99


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